Download 2010 Exhibit Space Contract [PDF]

New Exhibitor Satisfaction Guarantee...

Here is how it works...

Send us your "wish" list of preferred buyers you would like to see from the sports licensed category, sports entertainment category or tailgate and picnic category, and we’ll bring 75% or more of the buyers to the shows for you -- GUARANTEED. Or you will receive a percentage credit towards your exhibit space. (i.e.: If only 60% of the buyers on your list attend, you will be given a 15% credit towards your exhibit space for the 2010 shows.)

So, you have nothing to lose.

If you are a licensee of a sports entity, or a distributor of licensed products, this is the show WHERE THE BUYERS ARE.

The timing of this groundbreaking event is ideal for all of the major sports, and all of the sports licensed and sports entertainment product categories. Tell us who your top clients and hottest prospects are, and we’ll make sure they attend the show -- GUARANTEED.

Reserve your exhibit space today.